core website services

Webmaster Support

A webmaster manages a website in a way that ensures the consistency of the site’s design and navigation.

Risk Management

Nothing is risk-free, but you can trust us and know that your website access information is safe with us. Honesty, Integrity, and ethics are core values that are not compromised at CMW.

Client Relationship

CMW is a small business that gives you the personal attention that you need. Your website design will be treated with a personal touch.

Expense to You

We likely have the least expensive website design rates out there, which is accomplished through minimal business overhead.


Our experience will allow us to deliver high-quality website design services that match the big corportations without their high prices.

Sales / Prices

Our basic rate is $50/hour, but please call us for a FREE price quote. We have full website design deals for right around $300-$500, depending on your needs.

How to get Started



Although CMW can build you a website from scratch, that is no longer economical for you or us. Due to the countless websites that have pre-built website designs or templates, CMS can offer you our ability to customize these templates at reduced rates for you! Most, if not all, of the template websites offer customization, but you will not get the low prices or personal service from them that CMW can offer you by allowing us to customize their template for you.


Pick a Website

We have seen them all, but here are some very well-built websites at reasonable rates. Again, when you purchase these website templates you will see that these businesses offer website customization services. However, we can do the same customization for less, without any loss in the quality of work. Here are a couple of suggested template websites;

1. Template Monster
2. FlashMint


Which Type of
Template to Buy?

If you do not know - ask us BEFORE you buy. Typically, HTML5 are the most current website coded designs, but if you're in need of a blof style website, you may want a Wordpress Template. There is a lot to consider, to include your target audience or device capabilities (i.e. iPhones cannot currently view Flash based website design). We offer FREE consultations on this very subject to insure that you get what you actually need and can use!